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Laser guided land leveler is a new invention in the agriculture field which is operated by laser Transmitter and Receiver. More leveled and smooth soil surface reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel. Save fuel more than 40% compare to another land leveler which is prove in Haryana Agriculture University.

Silent Features

  • Improves crop establishment.
  • Reduces weed problems.
  • Improves uniformity of crop maturity.
  • Decreases the time to complete tasks of irrigation.
  • Reduces the amount of water required for land Preparation
  • 25-30% saving of water. Saving Water Is Like Money
  • Land saving - no need to make bunds & channels for irrigation.
  • Increases yields by 10 -15% due to even crop stands & full land utilization.
  • Energy saving due to less requirement of water and tractor time for leveling.

Better Than Conventional Buckets. “How”?

  • Electric Power Mast
  • Less Reciprocating Time
  • Less irresolute in Fields
  • Less Draft Requirement (Certified by H.A.U. Hisar)

Technical Specifications

Model 844SGC 822 Con824
Prime Mover - (H.P. Tractor) 45 40 35
Tyre Type 7.5-16" 7.5-16" 6.00-16
Rows Spacing 4-Wheels on FFS single double
Weight 1300 Kg. 950 kg 775kg
Bucket (Actuating Type Vertically)
Length 4641mm 3723mm 3277mm
Width 2160mm 2095mm 2137mm
Height 2616mm
Vol. of Soil Filled 0.94 m 3 0.85m3 0.85m3

Sr. Bant Singh Punni (Managing Director)


Bhuna Road, Tohana, Distt.- Fatehabad
State- Haryana (India), 125120

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