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पुन्नी सुपर सीडर चलाएंगे पराली को आग न लगाएंगे खेत समृद्ध, देश खुशहाल बनाएंगे

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पुन्नी - किसान का मजबूत हाथ

Welcome To Punni Tohana

Our continuous effort to watch the interest of the farmers and the country is the sole motto. To develop high quality agricultural machinery as per need of the farmers and environmental friendly is the basic aim of the company. Quality standards are followed. The service to farmers is provided at the earliest so that work may not suffer. The repair and maintenance work is taken well in time through our network spread all over the country. The machinery developed by our company is required zero repair except oiling and greasing at right time. All the parts like machining, cutting, drilling and welding are done through CNC machines. Strict quality standard is followed.

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