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Maize Dehusker

Code : 018


Technical specifications of tractor operated Maize DE husker- cum- Thresher
Type of feeding Hopper top feeding
Prime mover Tractor PTO
Crops to be threshed Maize
Power required, hp 35 & above
Over all dimensions, mm  
Length 4170
Width 1520
Height 2670
Technical details of threshing cylinder  
Width, mm 1206
Diameter, mm 508
No. of bars 6
Size and type of concave Fixed made up of round bars of 15mm having concave grate
  opening of 20mm
No. of spikes 78 (13 on each bar, adjustable height with nut and bolt)
No. of sieves 2 (top sieve of round hole of 15mm and bottom sieve of round hole of 2 mm)
Number of blowers 2 (one big with aspirator and one small at grain out let)
Number of aspirator Two
No. of thrower One
Cylinder speed, rpm (m/s) 550-560 (14.6 – 14.8)
Concave clearance, mm 15-20 mm in front and 8-10mm in rear side
Output capacity, kg/hr. 3000-5000
Weight, kg (approximately) 1450
Tire size 6.00-16
Threshing efficiency, % 98-100 (depending upon grain moisture content)
Cleaning efficiency, % 97-99 (depending upon grain moisture content)
Total grain loss, % Within prescribed limit