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Rotary Weeder

Code : 006


Technical specification of tractor operated rotary weeder (GEAR TYPE)


Name of Implement Tractor operated Inter Row Rotary Weeder
Type PTO driven, GEAR TYPE
Tractor horse power required, hp 25 & above
Working width of rotary unit, mm 1380 (690 mm each gang)
Gear type and Numbers Spur gear, 4
No of teeth of gear on different shaft i.e. main, idler, outer rotary, inner rotary 35, 35, 20, 28
Oil capacity of side mounted spur gear box , liters 5.0
No. of teeth on pinion shaft (drive) 12
No. of teeth on bevel shaft (driven) 22
Oil capacity of bevel gear box, liters 3.0
Reduction ratio 1: 0.54 (for 540 pto rpm)
Length, mm 1905
Width, mm 585
Height, mm 990
No. of bearing
At drive shaft
At driven shaft
Two ball bearing (6309)
Two ball bearing (6309)
Oil change period, h First after 100 hrs and then after 300 hrs.
Recommended grade of oil, S.A.E.-140 (CL-140)
Dia. of rotary shaft (mm) 90 (round)
Dia. of flange, mm 241
Dia. of flange with blade, mm 341
Number 36
Type L – shape
Length of blade, mm 280
Overall thickness, mm 7
Thickness at the beveled edge, mm 2.18 – 4.95
Width of the beveled edge (mm) 18.0
Speed of rotor shaft corresponding to 540 rpm of PTO shaft, rpm 260-270