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Krishan Kumar

पुन्नी हैप्पी सीडर चलाएंगे| पराली को आग ना लगायेंगे| खेत समृद्ध - देश खुशहाल बनायेंगे|


The Vishvakarma engineering works Tohana( PUNNI) is doing a great job for the nation i.e. " NO NEED TO BURN WHEAT CROP RESIDUES" by providing a grain cruiser - go green combine harvester which makes good quality bhusa simultaneously. Good quality because grain husk and top portion of crop remains inside bhusa where as in other combines it is wasted. Bhusa recovery is more than 80 per cent where as in other combines it is only 50 percent. It cut the crop very close to ground level. unemployed young youth must go for it and use this machine on custom hiring. serve the farmers means serving the nation. save environment. save yourself.  

Jimmy Singh Dhankhar

Vishavkrma is superb technology & best services. I Love & Like PUNNI Tohana

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